Emergency Treatment

Dental emergencies can happen to anyone. Even if you take excellent care of your oral health, you might chip or crack a tooth, lose a crown, or the worst-case scenario – a tooth can get knocked out during sports.

At Conestee Dental, we know how upsetting an emergency can be, especially if you are in pain. Most of us have been in this position at some point, so we don't want you to wait a moment longer than necessary to get the relief you need. 

We always leave extra time in our schedule for our emergency patients. Call us right away, and we will see you as soon as possible, usually the same day.

Typical Dental Emergencies We Treat

We don't want you to spend any time trying to decide whether your situation is an emergency or not; if something is happening that concerns you, it concerns us. Our professional team is trained to provide instructions so you can handle your emergency until you can get to our office.

Some of the emergencies we treat are:

  • Toothache – Even if it's just mild pain, call us right away. Toothaches don't go away on their own and are always a sign that something is happening inside your tooth that needs attention.
  • Lost crown or filling – If a crown comes loose, keep it in a safe place because in many cases, we can cement it back on the tooth. A lost filling will need to be replaced to restore strength and protect the tooth.
  • Chipped or broken tooth – This can be upsetting, but it may be easier to repair than you think. In some cases, we can "rebuild" the tooth using an affordable procedure called dental bonding. Otherwise, it may be necessary to design a custom crown to strengthen and protect the tooth.
  • Broken denture – Nobody wants to go without their teeth! Drop your denture off with us in the morning, and we will do our best to have it repaired and back to you the same day.

Note: If an emergency involves injury to your head or face or you experience excessive bleeding, please call 911 or get to the emergency room as quickly as possible.

How to Avoid Dental Emergencies

One of the best ways to avoid the anxiety of an emergency is to keep up with routine visits for dental exams and cleanings. There's a good reason why we recommend semi-annual dental checkups – prevention.

  • During your routine visits, Greenville dentist Dr. Jared Burr will check the condition of your teeth to make sure they are strong and healthy. While your smile may look fine and you aren't experiencing any pain, small problems may still be developing where you can't see or feel them. 
  • Regular visits allow us to find problems early, when they are small, rather than having to wait until you feel pain. By that time, significant damage may have already been done that requires extensive treatment to correct. 
  • Another purpose of these exams is for Dr. Burr to check the condition of your dental restorations. He will ensure that they are all intact and that you have no loose crowns or fillings that may pop out while you're enjoying dinner with friends!

Please Call Us with Your Emergency

If you are looking for an emergency dentist in Greenville, SC, please call us right away at (864) 277-1603 so we can see you as quickly as possible. After hours, you can call our main number and follow our instructions for getting in touch with us.